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Here are the most asked questions, gathered by our social support team.



This package has been designed for people who are just starting on their social journey and want to gradually build their follower base.
  • Standard Organic Growth
  • Limited Growth Features
  • Normal Support
  • Throttled Growth
  • Follow & Unfollow



This package has been designed for people who already have a social presence and are looking to exponentially grow their follower base.
  • Maximum Organic Growth
  • All Growth Features
  • Priority Support
  • Unlimited Growth
  • Follow & Unfollow


Here are the most asked questions, gathered by our social support team.

The number of people following you on Instagram plays an important role in generating revenue from your account. Most engaged Instagram users will look at the number of followers you have before they commit to following you and interacting with your content.

People generally use popularity (ie number of Instagram followers) as a method of verification to determine whether or not your account can be trusted. By engaging with an Instagram growth service like Seek, you are ensuring that whenever someone looks at your account they can be assured that you are verified to represent their brand.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a mature account looking for a boost or you are just getting started, using an Instagram growth Service like Seek will ensure your account continues to grow and get noticed by more and more brands.

Quality is our priority. There is no point in having thousands of followers if they are all fake accounts and don’t interact with any of your content. That’s why simply buying instagram followers in bulk provides little value for your brand image and even worse, could get your account banned by Instagram.

Here at Seek, we guarantee that 100% of the followers gained through using our service are genuine and active Instagram users. Our advanced profile matching algorithm will put your account in front of those users who are most likely to interact with your content and will ignore going after inactive or “bot” accounts.

We won’t guarantee you Instafame overnight, but we will guarantee steady growth of real and active Instagram users while you are using our platform.

After you have gone through our short setup process and completed your purchase, your targeting details will be instantly sent through to one of our dedicated account managers. This will be your assigned account manager for as long as you stay with Seek.

From here, your account will be active on our platform within 12 hours of purchasing. If at any stage you have questions or want to change the targeting on your account, we have a 24 hour customer support team that are more than happy to assist you.

Seek was created by a group of social media experts alongside a small team of successful influencers. Our team boasts a combined 50+ years of social media experience between us and our passion for social media is what drives us to be the best in the market.

Unlike other social media growth companies, we don’t use third party tools. We have custom developed our own Instagram growth tool and have full control over how our service operates. This means we are able to continually update and adjust our service settings to keep up with the ever-changing social media landscape.

eing an Instagram growth service company, we DON’T offer a one-off boost to your follower count by dumping a number of fake followers on your profile, we offer a service that actively reaches out and engages with real and genuine Instagram users. This keeps your Instagram account safe and will ensure you continue to operate within Instagram’s terms of service.

If that doesn’t convince you, have a read through some of our customer testimonials to see how we have helped them grow and solidify their brand in their own niche on Instagram.

Short answer, no! We have been doing this for a long term and our number one priority has always been the security of our customers’ account. If we can’t hold on to our customers, we have no business!

All of the followers you will gain from using the Seek platform, are guaranteed to be 100% real, genuine and authentic Instagram users. We have designed our service to ensure that your Instagram account will continue to operate within Instagram’s terms of service and avoid being flagged or shadow banned.

We recommend to all of our clients to avoid buying Instagram followers from sites that offer delivery instantly and in bulk. This is a sure way to ruin any momentum or presence you have worked so hard to build on Instagram. Not to mention, people have caught on to Instagram accounts that have high follower counts with little engagement and they know that profiles like this can’t be trusted. You can avoid all this by using a legitimate growth service like Seek.

We have 2 different packages and have designed them slightly differently to ensure we have a package that suits all users.

Standard package: This package is perfect for someone who is just starting their Instagram journey. Choose this package if you post less than 7 times per week on Instagram and you are looking to slowly build up your follower base.

Premium package: This package has been designed for users who have a mature Instagram account with more than 1,000 active followers already. Businesses, agencies and influencers should also choose this package.

To get a full breakdown of what is included in each package, visit our pricing page here.

After successfully connecting your Instagram account during the signup process, we will then just ask you to provide a couple more things: Target Profiles: These are accounts that you think your followers would also follow. This helps us get a good understanding of the types of followers you ideally want to attract to your profile.

Target Hashtags: These are key topics that you regularly post content about. For example if you are in the fitness industry, you might include hashtags such as: #fitness #gym #workout #fitnessmotivation #fit #motivation #bodybuilding #training #health

Location: To assign the best account manager for your account, we want to ensure they are working during the same time zone as you so we can ensure you receive the best customer experience.

How often you post: We are able to fine-tune the settings on your account based on how regularly you post content to Instagram.

Yes! We continually update and change our service to ensure the safety of our clients accounts. We have completed thousands of tests to ensure that your account is always operating within Instagram’s terms of service and to avoid getting your account flagged or shadow banned.

Check out some of our customer testimonials who have all seen amazing results from using our Instagram growth service.

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We have three projects with this template and that is because we love the design, the large number of possibilities.

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We have three projects with this template and that is because we love the design, the large number of possibilities.
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