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How to Make Your Account Attractive To Follow (Updated 2022)

💡 GREAT! You have completed the first and biggest step, which is to use a growth service. 

Seek Socially has your back, we have developed technology that seeks out users who are most likely to engage with your content. People interested in you, people who follow similar accounts, people who use the same hashtags as you.

There are a number of aspects that make an account attractive. You can rest knowing that we are getting volume of eyeballs on your account. Now it’s your time to ⚡TURN UP YOUR ACCOUNTS!

Below are buttons to each of the key platforms we operate on. This is your recipe for success, follow these tips to supercharge your account!

How to get the most followers on Instagram:


The key to an ideal Bio is to get as much relevant information as possible into the small space. It pays to look at your bio as if you were a potential follower and see if it looks attractive. Below is an example of a good and a bad bio.

Use space and emojis to make your bio more attractive. It will add authenticity and credibility to your profile.

Profile Pic

Ensure That your profile pic accurately reflects what your profile is about. If it is about you personally then a nice photo. If you are a dog trainer, maybe a photo of you with your top dog will give you some more context as to what people are engaging with.


It’s important that your content is professional yet authentic. A key way to make sure that your content is good is to make sure that the ‘subject of the photo is 

  1. a) in focus 
  2. b) has the best lighting and 
  3. c) that the background is not distracting the user away from the main subjectLighting Subject vs background.

When posting to your stories, ensure that you aren’t promoting too much, your day-to-day activity should give people an insight into your personality. It should appear like a behind-the-scenes look into your business or life.

Promotion of product

Promoting products is a big turn-off for new followers. Ensure that no more than 1 in 9 posts promotes a specific or service. You are better off revealing the value of the product in the posts rather than promoting the product itself.


Take a good look at how your grid is set out and make sure there isn’t too much clash of colour or content when looking at your top posts. You can get creative in using multiple posts to create a cool looking grid. But an important fact to remember is that everytime you post, you will throw out the work you did to make the grid look good. So you have to be aware that you may have to make multiple posts at a time (or remove some posts from your grid) to keep it looking fresh!


Hashtags are an important part of description writing. As not to clog up the description try leaving some white space or the use of periods (.) to create space between your description and hashtags. Put your post specific hashtags in the post only! Utilise the top comment to add any extra hashtags you would like.

Top comment

This space is for you to load up account specific hashtags. Hashtags that a specific to your post should be in the description. But any extra or broader hashtags should be in the top comments. Below is an example of good use of hashtags in a post and top comment.



We mentioned stories earlier. It’s best if these are as rough as possible while being entertaining. You are trying to create a voyeuristic look into the behind the scenes of what life is really like behind the edited and perfected posts on your feed.

How to get the most followers on Twitter:


When posting on twitter keep in mind that people have hundreds sometimes thousands of followers that they are reading through content of. It’s best if you can post quite regularly. We recommend 3-5 tweets per day.


Your content MUST be relevant and on topic, we are assuming that you know your niche so stick to it. Have a look at your most popular tweets and endeavour to understand why that tweet was so important to your followers.


Using trending topics as a way to engage with your audience is a great way to stay relevant. The twitter algorithm will show your tweets more regularly to your followers if they engage with your content regularly. But you need to give them a reason to, just because you think it’s good doesn’t mean that your followers will. Do a bit of research to see what it is that your audience wants!


Grab attention with a snappy first line. Sacrifice some of your character limit to include emojis. While scrolling through a feed, something will need to stand out to stop me scrolling and read your tweet. Below is an example of a tweet with the same message, but slightly adapted to grab attention.

How to get the most followers on TikTok:


Ensure that your BIO re-enforces your content. It’s important to link to your other platforms to give you more credibility. Below is an example of two bio’s One talks about content and one talks about the person. On TikTok content is more important than the person.

Connected Accounts

Connecting your other social profiles is a great way of giving you more authority. There are LOTS of people doing the same thing as you, so your followers need a reason to choose you over other profiles. Make sure people know that you are good at what you do.

Hooking & View Time

View time is a HUGE part of the TikTok algorithm. Ensuring that you have a good hook is something that can draw users in an increase your percentage of video viewed time. Putting 1 second of the end of your video at the beginning of your post gives your viewers a sneak peak of what is to come and keeps them interested in the process to how you got there. Another good tactic is to keep the users waiting just a little bit before a reveal. Don’t leave it too long though otherwise they will just swipe up!


Encourage interaction through video series. “Like for part 2” is a common phrase, but maybe give it a little bit of a beef up. “I’m not sure if TikTok is interested in this, so like this and if I get enough interest I will post part 2”


Ask your users if they think someone will like this post. Encouraging sharing is a huge boost for the algorithm.

Content Planning

Because you need to be posting 3-5 times per day, it’s worth prepping your content. You might want to set aside a day that you make 50 pieces of content that you can post at any time so as not to get behind. Consistency is key.

Be early on trends

You can see up and coming trends on the discover tab. It’s worth you finding cool ones that will engage your audience. They might get huge, they might not, but if you are early on it… there is a higher chance that your video gets shared, as there are less people doing the trend.

Repeat trends

If a trend has not taken off yet, but you really like it, make multiple posts of the same trend in different scenes, sometimes it takes people a little while to understand a trend or get it ‘stuck in their head’ so repeating on trend content will help your users to share and take part.


The biggest thing you can do is be authentic. The biggest accounts in the world are a collective of people that engage with a genuine person doing genuine things. People see through acting pretty quick, so just be you!